Copper system
Express - Complete D-class system, includes all the components of 5e category which are required when structured cabling system is installed. The system is available in 2 options: UTP and FTP. In both solutions are based on cables with increased frequency up to 200 MHz. Additionally, system includes multi-pair cables of 5e category, which entirely comply with ISO/IEC 11801 norm.
Quick - Complete E-class system includes all components of 6 category which are required when structured cabling system is installed. Comprehensive portfolio of installation cables (U/UTP, F/UTP, U/FTP, S/FTP), as well as increased frequency up to 500 MHz, allow us to fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding customers.
Rapid - Complete EA-class system, contains complete range of 6A category components. Solutions fully provide 10Gbps transmission in complete 100m of transmission channel. A system is based on shielded version of transmission components.
Ultra - Solutions are adjusted to future applications, ensuring assumptions of 7 and 7A categories. It is also based on high quality of telecommunication cables as F/FTP, S/FTP.
Voice - A system is prepared to be used in digital and analog telephone signal transmission. It perfectly complements telecommunication solution.
Fiber - Large group of components used for transferring information between specific distribution points. As we have wide and varied portfolio of components, we can create 100% structured cabling system which uses fiber optic cable as a medium of transmission.
EBOX group of electrical components is an additional supplement which is a solution for electrical - logical transmission outlet points. For the end- points we use 45x45 mm and 50x50 mm standard. Varied portfolio of adapters allows the user to join endpoint cooper, optical fiber and multimedia solutions in one point together with specified power supply