About Us
ELMAT Group is dynamically growing in Poland, producer in fiber-optic telecommunications systems (including FFTx), which has sales gain in several dozen percent per year. Elmat Group consists of ELMAT company, FIBRAIN MEXICO and FIBRAIN company, which is brand of many products made by group.
Years 2011 -2013 were very important in company development- we opened ProductLaboratories Center in Podkarpacki Park of Science and Technology AEROPOLIS SSE S-1, S-2 near Rzeszów and one of the most modern fiber optic cables production in Europe. This dynamic development was possible, because we focus on knowledge and technology. Company has got well-equipped, qualified and developed laboratory (which is expanded all the time, because we want to fulfill market requirements). We are cooperating with the biggest universities in Poland, eg. Maria CurieSkÅ‚odowska University, Military University of Technology and with foreign academies to develop. We create new products and technologies, with emphasis on a photon technology, which are, according to European Commission, the most important for keeping the competitiveness of the EU economy.
As a pioneer of photonic commercialization in Poland, the company was one of initiators to establish Photonic Cluster and is active in working for improvement technology transfer between Polish universities and industry. The consequence of development, based on innovation is fast growth of company's position on international market- i.e. UE, African or South and North American. As a result of that are i.a. department in Mexico opened in 2012, spiral of value of export or cooperation with the biggest concerns in the world, which are producing passive fiber optic infrastructure.