Structured cabling has become a part of our life and exists in each place of the entire world. Quality requirements and system’s durability drive its constant development. We are constantly evolving as presence of sophisticated solutions on the market give us more possibilities to develop and progress. Exceeding the norms, making an effort to fulfill users’ requirements, ensuring system’s durability for at least 25 years - these are the main goals we have in mind when designing FIBRAIN DATA system. Thanks to dynamically developing R&D department and well - equipped laboratory we are able to achieve these aims and provide the best parameters.


The company's mission is a partnership and co-operation with local and foreign companies in sales and distribution of the most modern IT technologies. Our goal is to create reliable brand. Furthermore, highly specialized employees are the key to successful project implementation. Our technical advisers can help choosing the right component and also ensuring its proper installation. We are the producer of systems based on different transmission media. We offer customized solutions tailored to meet individual requirements.


Experienced employees in R&D department, Structured Cabling Department and Design. Our young, creative and passionate, yet already vastly experienced team of experts from the R&D, Structured cabling and Design departments. Having one of the best-equipped laboratories in Europe, we are able to test our systems operation in different conditions. The appropriate choice of materials used for production of individual components ensure the best system's transmission parameters and its operation during for at least 25 years, at zero infrastructure- induced bit errors.


The main aim of FIBRAIN DATA is to create a solution, adjusted to the customer's needs in the best possible way.  In order to improve the product, Fibrain company organizes dedicated meetings with experienced technicians which result in constant implementation of the new improvements in our components. Thanks to full control of the product, any potential changes are implemented almost automatically. We are not conditioned by any foreign capital though we can prepare products which fulfill the requirements in our region. We have managed to create a system corresponding to the needs of wide range of customers- the system of the XXI century.

Wide and plentiful portfolio’s solutions allows us to adjust to individual configuration of IT network and gives us a competitive advantage on the market. Our own high requirements, resulted in not only fulfilling but exceeding  the ISO/IEC 11801:2002, EIA/TIA-568-B.2.1, EN 50173:2002 norms.