The main aim of FIBRAIN DATA is to create a solution, adjusted to the customer's needs in the best possible way.  In order to improve the product, Fibrain company organizes dedicated meetings with experienced technicians which result in constant implementation of the new improvements in our components. Thanks to full control of the product, any potential changes are implemented almost automatically. We are not conditioned by any foreign capital though we can prepare products which fulfill the requirements in our region. We have managed to create a system corresponding to the needs of wide range of customers- the system of the XXI century.

Structured cabling solutions are well-known and fully certified solutions to meet specific requirements. Designed with assistance from network planners and installers, FibrainDATA guarantees ease of installation and the highest performance. Exceeding norms, fulfilling highest requirements and ensuring warranty system for at least 25 years - these are the main goals, which we have in mind when designing FibrainDATA system. Undoubtedly, our dynamically developing R&D department and well-equipped laboratory are involved in a wide range of activities to achieve our aims and provide the best parameters.