Warranty Program

Product warranty

All of the components of Certified Fibrain Data System are free from material and manufacturing defects.

System warranty

Transmission Channel of the Certified Fibrain DATA structured cabling system fulfills the parameters according to the category for which it is dedicated and designed. The warranty does not cover products which are used, stored or installed improperly.

Application warranty

DATA Certified structured cabling system is free from defects, which does not enable signal transmission based on specific protocols and network applications. This concerns applications and protocols which are established by the committees for standardization IEEE,ANSI, TIA/EIA, ATM Forum and confirmed for transmission requirements based on TIA/EIA 568-B.2 and/or TIA/EIA 568- A,TIA/EIA568-A-5, ISO-IEC 11801 2nd  edition, ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 norms and standards.

Fibrain Data certification procedure

Detailed warranty procedure is enclosed in download section. After implementing the installation, Certified Installator is required to submit all the necessary documents, especially as-built documentation, measurement of complete network with the use of  authorized device possessing valid calibration term. All mentioned documentation should be send to FIBRAIN on address:


As a next step, Fibrain examines the network and verifies submitted documents. In case of any inaccuracies or mistakes, Certified Installer is required to correct them or complete documentation. Afterwards, Fibrain issues warranty documents, which must be transferred by Certified Installator to the project investor.