Structured cabling solutions are well-known and fully certified solutions to meet specific requirements. Designed with assistance from network planners and installers, FibrainDATA guarantees ease of installation and the highest performance. Exceeding norms, fulfilling highest requirements and ensuring warranty system for at least 25 years - these are the main goals, which we have in mind when designing FibrainDATA system. Undoubtedly, our dynamically developing R&D department and well-equipped laboratory are involved in a wide range of activities to achieve our aims and provide the best parameters.

Structured Cabling

The principal aim of Fibrain company and a common target of all employees is a constant development of the company’s profile and services, which meet ever-increasing market needs and customer’s requirements. Therefore, one of the main priority is the ongoing expansion and advancement of the manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to highly experienced specialists from various departments, including H&R, company’s development is smooth and consistent. Naturally, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment provide the possibilities to perform challenging tasks and customize company’s products to meet or even exceed our customers’ needs. Therefore, professional service and individual attitude to customers as well as constant upgrading the company’s offer and products are one of the crucial priorities

Home Cabling
In the digital world, it is difficult to keep up with continuously growing requirements set to new technologies. A few years ago no one was aware of the obligatory installations of telecommunication infrastructure for the future technologies. At that time, the emphasis was put on satisfying current needs, which had later consequences in change of suppliers or delivery of the new solutions connected  with assembly of different telecommunication installations. It resulted in not only higher costs, but also decreased the building's aesthetics. In order to ensure the compatibility of installations in the buildings with modern services and various suppliers, a new order MTB and GM was launched on the market. It includes the minimal parameters which should characterize power-low installations. The most economically worthwhile solutions of fiber optic networks in multi-family building are DROP systems (for the small number of users) and EAC-RA (for larger number of users). The perfect complement of given solutions is Logiwiremultimedia cabling system.