Elmat Group solutions
FibrainDATA – structural cabling system, which offers high class components, unique design and the best technical solutions. Our demands for that solution system, caused that it is better, than it is defined in ISO/IEC 11801, EIA/TIA-568, EN 50173 standards. We are sure, that many categories and types, started from U/UTP and F/UTP, U/FTP, F/FTP solutions in 5a, 6, 7, 7a categories, will fully satisfy Yours needs connected with structural cabling system and resolve class from D to F. System has got fiber optic solution based on cables in loose and tight tube construction for using outside and inside. Cables which we offer, have got many different coatings, which are correct according to rules connected with not- spreading fire, coating, not emitting toxic gases and resistant to the effects of aging, connected with UV: FR-LSZH, LSZH. System is flexible for the selection of fibers, so data transfer rate is a matter of choice. Products, which we offer, have got many configuration, with single-mode fibers: OS1, OS2 and multimode fibers OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4. They offer speed from 100Mb to 10 Gb, with possibilities for the future -from 40Gb I 100Gb.
Fibrain LogiWire – solution system for cabling and integration of media for single- and multifamily group and small, commercial installations, like consulting room, law office, shops, small and middle offices. Fibrain LogiWire system is a perfect element in communications and with low electricity installations. It is created for developers, housing associations and private investors who build residential buildings. Because of integration with solutions Fibrain FTTH and Fibrain DATA, LogiWire system is fulfils the requirements of new specifications and installations trends. It connects access to signal by transmission by 3 media: coaxial cable, copper cable and fiber optic cable. This system is very solid and compatible with the base rules for intelligent houses, offices and buildings.
PON – solutions from passive optical networks group. We are producing specialized optic devices, which are used in optic FTTH, Metro and middle and long distance networks. Technology, used by us for manufacturing this devices, it is: i.a. FBT (fused bionical tapering) or TFF (thin film filters). Products based on technology like CWDM (Coarse Wavelenght Division Multiplexing), WDM-PON for FTTx network, optic circulators, attenuators, isolators.
Connectivity – solutions from optical telecommunication area. Production possibilities, newest machines and measuring devices allow us produce specialized and standard products for so-called cross-connect area (creating connections). This department consists of production of single and multifibre beams, designers, constructions, production of case for outside and inside using departments. Because of possibilities to designing, rapid prototyping and creating products and components, this department is very important and complementing our systems. Main areas , where those products work used in optic networks: FTTH, xWDM, FTTA, structural cabling, industrial cabling, transport and protection's systems. Nowadays, fiber optic technology is available and using in every single part of our life.
MetroJet – modern system of fiber optic microcanalization, which is response for still growing needs for capacious sewer telecommunication systems. It is functional equivalent to multi-hole sewer telecommunication, with smaller diameter in every element, it is also designed to installation fiber optic micro cables by flux method. As a producer we offer complete certification process, system guarantee and training cycle on our circuit, which was created for learning and practice in natural conditions.
FTTH – as a provider, we know that implementation FTTH networks meets many different project areas, which need not one but many compatible to each other technologies. Our offer consists of practical solutions for every topology area. Started from outside, metropolitan and intercity networks, we offer systems based on our cables production:
  • Product system, designed for traditional sewer telecommunication,
  • Airtrack- overhead cabling system with accessories,
  • Metrojet- fiber optic microcanalization system
  • EAC- Easy Access Cables system and accessories.