New editions of PN-EN 50173-x norms just published!
August 7, 2018

In July, an updated edition of series of standards EN 50173-x were published. Changes in these documents are very signifcant and they reflect those which were outlined in the 3rd edition of  ISO/IEC-11801 published last autumn. 

Below you can see the whole series of standards:

  • PN-EN 50173-1:2018-07               Information Technology – Generic Cabling Systems - Part 1: Genereal requirements
  • PN-EN 50173-2:2018-07               Information Technology - Generic Cabling Systems - Part 2: Office spaces
  • PN-EN 50173-3:2018-07               Information Technology - Generic Cabling Systems - Part 3: Industrial spaces
  • PN-EN 50173-4:2018-07               Information Technology - Generic Cabling Systems - Part 4: Homes
  • PN-EN 50173-5:2018-07               Information Technology - Generic Cabling Systems - Part 5: Data centre spaces
  • PN-EN 50173-6:2018-07               Information Technology - Generic Cabling Systems - Part 6: Distributed building services

The most important changes in new editions:

1.       Six new applications positioned within the performance of structured cabling, i.e. PoE type 3 & 4, 2,5GBase-T, 5GBase-T,
          25GBase-T, 40GBase-T
2.       Two new classes of channel performance i.e. Class I and Class II defined within the 2GHz band
3.       The minimum performance of horizontal cabling subsystem defined as Class E/cat.6 replacing the previous class D/ cat. 5
4.       Two new categories of optical fibers i.e. OM5 and OS1a
5.       The removal of the optical channel performance of OF classes

Principal changes have been already discussed in a separate whitepaper that was publsihed this spring. 

We invite all of you to read it, if you still did not manage to get to know this document.


You can easily download this whitepaper here: Resources ->Whitepapers