New copper installation cables in FibrainDATA portfolio!
October 7, 2021

As the new CPR regulation concerning building materials entered into force, the revolution has occurred in the cable industry.
For the first time, cables, both copper and fiber optic ones, have been classified as building materials, with quite detailed requirements regarding flammability.
FIBRAIN has adapted its offer of teleinformatic cables to the new CPR requirements and market needs. Today, we are introducing 2 new cables that meet the highest CPR requirements and can be characterized by flammability in accordance with the B2ca euroclass.

In terms of design and transmission efficiency, these are the following cables:

  •  Cat.6 U/UTP
  •  Cat6A U/UTP 

They allow the user to safely operate the application up to 10Gb/s in the full 100 m transmission channel. Due to the highest fire resistance properties, they can be safely installed anywhere in the building, including escape routes.